Have you seen the unexplained? Viewed Strange lights in the sky, reddish orange globes of light, UFO saucers or had a sighting in or near Spruce Pine NC? You are not alone! 

Did you know there are more UFO sightings in Spruce Pine and Mitchell County than anywhere else in North Carolina? Plus, North Carolina is in the top 10 UFO hot spots in the US! 

We hope you will tell us your story and share your photos and videos to help the speakers such as Ancient Alien Star Mike Bara and Documentary Film Producer Brooks Agnew along with an elite panel of expert researchers in their pursuit to search for answers to extraterrestrial phenomenon and UFO sightings, abductions, experiments and alien technology.  We are not Alone in the Universe!

Reports and Photos are being made in large numbers from Mitchell County and surounding areas of Spruce Pine and it is no small wonder that folks are seeing sighting during the day and at night around the Mining areas and perhaps it is because of the dark skies in the rural area that feature expansive views from atop the surrounding mountains and the Mystery of nearby Brown Mountain Lights featured on Ancient Aliens!

 The AlienXPO Speaker Conference is held each year during the Spruce Pine Alien Festival with experts who have spent their whole lives in pursuit of answering the question “Are we Alone in the Universe?” The Spruce Pine Alien UFO Reporting System (SPAURS) will be forwarding all reports and putting together information based on your reported sightings and encounters