THE SPRUCE PINE ALIEN FESTIVAL will be a momentous occasion, celebrating our world and the wonder around the question, “Are we alone in the universe?” This event offers your business a unique opportunity to be a part of a showcase festival that will attract more than 10,000 visitors from across the county who come to revel in the phenomenon of extraterrestrial life.


Retail and Non-profit Vendors Food Vendors/Trucks
Booth Size 10 x 12 10 x 20
Electricity Not available Quiet, covered generators allowed
Tents Not provided
Weights required
Not provided
Weights required
Insurance Not required Required
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  1. Applications are not a guarantee of participation
  2. Hours of operation are 9am to 7pm
  3. Setup starts at 6:00am on Saturday day of festival
  4. All vendors must have a minimum of 3 alien-themed products (alien, ufo, space, paranormal)
  5. All vendors must decorate the booth space in alien-theme (alien, ufo, space, paranormal)Food & Beverage Vendors should contact:Toe River Health Department for current operating rules and regulations and to obtain a special event application, if required.
  6. Early Move-in June 9th 6pm-8pm booth spaces are preassigned

Please see application for more details.
If you have questions, please call (828) 688-1148 or email the show office.

Event Registration Form (#3)

Vendor applications are processed in a first come, first serve basis. All applications submitted will be considered through a jurying panel and you will be contacted for payment if approved. After payment is made you will be assigned a booth number and an email is sent to each vendor closer to the event. The email will have vendor move-in information, vendor parking info and your booth space number. Any questions can be sent by email to the or call our show office (828) 688-1148